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As a general warning. This page is still in experimental stages. If you find an unobvious bug (something that doesn't just jump out at you while browsing) please submit it to the forums. Otherwise, it is probably known about and is being worked on. This page should display properly in both IE6/7 and Firefox. If you find the time to test other browsers, feel free to report back to us! Oh, and yes, this page will pass validation ;)

Besrix was created by Mycal Ingram of Burningstorm Studios. As with all BSS products, we are committed to bringing you 100% free software with the absolute best possible quality we can provide. Besrix is no exception. It was made 100% by BSS and is absolutely free to download and play.

Besrix started as a simple project to waste some time before a class. After the semester was over, the project was abandoned and went with no progress for almost a full year when a community contest started at MirageSource. The contest was to make a Tetris Clone with your own original programming and to release it to play by the community. At this time, I decided to finish the game and submitted it. Rather than using crappy single color blocks of my own concoction, I used the graphics a member of that community posted for the contest. I have yet to remove those images because of the great quality of the images. If that member of the MirageSource community wants them removed, I will oblige, but as he provided them for the contest for free, I will continue to use them until he says otherwise.

After the initial submission of the program, members continued to ask me to add on to it and fix some common bugs, so I did. After a few bug patches, I think most people began to ignore me, but I have continued to expand and fix bugs as they emerge. I am pretty confident that the program is now bugfree and can be played to maximum enjoyment without worry of a crash-bug.

However, because the program is bugfree does not mean it is the end for Besrix. In fact, I see it as just the beginning. The basic project will always do what it was intended which is mimick the original Gameboy Tetris game. However, in the future, I intend to also add some of the more popular features seen in other Tetris games (such as the shadow piece) as options to the game. Some of these helper features will lower your accumulated score, but may help you in the long run to get a better score.

Have a feature you want to suggest for the project? Click the discussion board link above and post it! However, please search the forums to ensure your suggestion has not already been posted. If it has, feel free to reply to that topic showing your support for the feature. No suggestion is ignored and we will do our best to look into them all.
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